WE give young people the opportunity to fly

Young people’s financial education and digital inclusion are vital issues today.

The research conducted during the planning phase has highlighted a significant gap between the Scandinavian countries and Italy, Romania, Greece, and Spain in terms of financial literacy. In Scandinavian countries, financial education is a part of the school curriculum and young people start managing their finances early in life. However, the partner countries of the FLY project have a lower financial literacy rate, with rates ranging from 45-49% in southern European countries, compared to around 65% in Sweden. Romania has the lowest rate, with only 25% of the population having a good understanding of financial matters.


The FLY project has a two-fold objective of bridging the financial literacy gap among young people between 18 and 30 years old and providing them with practical knowledge and skills through the creation of multilingual digital tools. By doing so, the project aims to empower young adults to make informed financial decisions that positively impact their lives.


The FLY project has produced Digital Mind Maps created through best practice research and a questionnaire conducted with 518 young people across 5 countries. The proìect will produce a Digital Playbook, designed to engage and train youth workers and volunteers in each participating country about how to work on financial literacy with young people. Finally, Guidelines will be developed for organizations throughout the EU to replicate the FLY experience and help young people better understand financial literacy.